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Provisions & Bonded Stores

Fresh quality produce supplied daily or as required. Meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, dairy, bread, dry stores all supplied. In addition we can supply organic, wholefoods, speciality meats and cheeses and provide for all ethnic requirements eg halal meat.
No minimum order.Bonded Meats, Non Bonded Meats, Fresh Fruit & Vegetables, Fresh Pre-prepared Fruit & Vegetables, All Tinned Vegetables From 454g to A10 (2.2kg), All Tinned Fruit From 454g to A10 (2.2kg), Tinned Meats, All Diary Products including Fresh Milk Daily, Fresh Cooked Meats i.e. Ham, Turkey, Beef, Pork - Sliced Pre-packed or Unsliced by the Kg, All Baking Products - Flour, Sponge Mixes, Etc, All Herbs and Spices, Jams and Preserves, Beverages, All Canned Drinks - Coke etc, Fruit Juices, Cordials, Speciality Foods (e.g. Halal). We can supply for any persons dietary needs.
We cater for the supply of cigarettes, tobacco, beer and spirits bonded goods — all the usual brands Marlboro / L&M , Becks / Stella Artois / Smirnoff Red label etc.

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