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Premium Spring Water Imported from ARMENIA-APARAN

Unitac General Trading is pleased to inform you that we started the supply of the "Healtiest" and "Reasonable Priced" premium spring water to the UAE.

Our spring water is of an unprecedented "Quality" and is offered at the "Lowest price". We appreciate that there are a number of other international mineral water brands in the UAE market, however, the price for such products in the market at the moment is higher than ours,

Our new pure natural premium spring water from armenia,"Aparan" offers the "best value" for your money.

Aparan Premium Spring Water is the highest quality water. It is sourced from spring of mountainous region of Armenia from the height of 2000 mtrs., at the feet of the mount Aragats near Aparan Town famous for its unique ecology, free of any industrial or agricultural pollution.

Our water has a smooth flavor due to its minimual and balanced content of salts and microelements, fully clear of microbiological pollutions and impurities and other toxic elements. We ensure that during the process of bottling our water retains its unique natural composition.

The quality of production and the product iotself is approved and licensed by the most authoritative certification bodies in the world such as Bureau Veritas ( France) and Veterinary Service of US army (USA). At the moment Aparan Premium Spring Water is imported to Russia (Where it was recognized as the best product on the market in 2011,2012 and 2013), Europe and North America 

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